Basic cleaning: For sparkling clean rooms and floor coverings

basic cleaningA thorough cleaning is always appropriate when it comes to cleaning floor coverings from the ground up. All the dirt, stubborn stains, encrustations, etc., which can not be removed with a simple cleaning, are removed by us using a special cleaning process and the coating re-coated depending on its nature. (Sealed)

What types of basic cleaning are there?

Basic cleaning of floor coverings: linoleum, PVC, stone, parquet, tiles etc.

Basic cleaning of carpet (shampooing), for example, in office and conference rooms but also in private households

Basic cleaning in rooms and houses: This includes furnishings such as any furniture but also rubbing strips, lighting light switches and sockets etc.

Basic cleaning of glass and window surfaces including frames. Basic cleaning of outdoor facilities and parking areas etc.

Which objects need above all a basic cleaning?

basic cleaningIn principle, it can be any type of real estate object. An apartment from which you take off and which should be brought back into shape before handing over. A conservatory, which should be freed from stubborn dirt. Sometimes there are also care films or other residues on surfaces of all kinds, which must be removed. We get to the bottom of the dirt right down to the farthest corners of your home, your practice, your office.

Material and environmentally friendly

With every kind of cleaning, we attach importance to the fact that highly sensitive, but also less sensitive materials or surfaces are gently removed from dirt. To make this possible, we apply our know-how gained over many years. Of course, we also make sure that our detergents are environmentally friendly.

Basic cleaning of glass: A special form of basic cleaning

basic cleaning As part of a basic glass cleaning, we eliminate soiling, which may originate from bird droppings, as well as painting, glue or foil. As part of a basic glass cleaning we clean your glass surfaces, windows, frames and balcony glazing reliable and quality-appropriate, that is, free of dust, streaks and water stains. It goes without saying that in a basic glass cleaning must be particularly intense.

How often should a thorough cleaning be carried out?

In general, a basic cleaning is recommended once a year. You are curious and want a non-binding quote? Then simply contact us via our contact form. You can also upload pictures of the object in question or arrange a viewing. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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