Clearing cleaning for a neat staircase

staicase cleaningWhether it is a private house, an office building or a house with doctor's offices, the condition of the hallway and the stairwell shapes the first impression of a visitor. A well-kept stairwell is the result of regular cleaning carried out by professionals who understand their craft.

List of services for rising cleaning

A professional cleaning does not only include the cleaning of the stairs, but also of the railing, the window sills, the mailboxes and the bell systems. We are happy to carry out this work for you, according to quality and individually according to customer requirements.

Trained staff for a professional and reliable cleaning

Our staff has many years of professional experience. It understands itself to treat the most different floor coverings professionally. When choosing the appropriate cleaning method, various factors play a role, for example the type of contamination. Our specialists are also trained to do their work thoroughly and in a quality-oriented manner, even under time pressure.

staicase cleaningValue preservation of your property

Like other services, you can book the ascent cleaning with us as part of a maintenance or a basic cleaning. Last but not least, the care of your staircase through a regular cleaning of the entrance to the value of your property. Talk to us, we are happy to advise you. We stand by our craft and look after you in all matters relating to the cleaning of buildings.


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