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Event CleaningAre you looking for a reliable cleaning company for an event in Berlin? We from the Herdegen glass and building cleaning ensure that the location after the celebration or the event looks exactly as before. With our cleaning service we are also during a ceremony in use. In that case, you can focus on the event while we make sure everything is working perfectly. It does not matter what an event is, whether it's inside or outside. All our employees are well qualified for event cleaning, both in terms of work technique, customer behavior, prudence and discretion

Event cleaning after an event

Whether weddings, birthdays, concerts, trade fairs or company parties - we clean the location reliably and thoroughly after an event. Surfaces, floors and furniture are professionally cleaned by us. For this purpose, we use the most modern machines as well as environmentally friendly and material-friendly cleaning chemicals, which enable us to achieve optimum cleaning success. We empty ashtrays, litter bins and trash cans. We professionally clean and disinfect sanitary facilities and equip them with new paper towels, toilet paper and soap.

Services of our event cleaning, among others:

  • Cleaning of surfaces and furniture
  • emptying of ashtrays and waste paper baskets/waste bins, disposal of waste
  • Professional cleaning of floor coverings
  • Cleaning and disinfection of sanitary
  • facilities Refill soap, supply of paper towels and toilet paper

Event cleaning at:

  • company parties
  • birthdays
  • conferences
  • concerts
  • trade fairs
  • Street festivals and weddings
  • sporting events
  • bachelor parties etc.

Event cleaning during an event

A clean environment is important for guests to feel comfortable. During the course of an event, there are many small cleaning jobs that have to be completed quickly. Our trained cleaning staff has everything in view, it acts discreetly in the background so that you hardly notice it. Our staff regularly empty ashtrays and check toilet facilities. They clear used paper plates, glasses and empty bottles etc. away. When celebrating outdoors, make sure that the system remains clean, that no garbage accumulates or is lying around. Our event cleaning service is available 24 hours a day.


Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday

7.00am – 5.00pm

Emergency number for client:

+49 152 23654226


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