Nursery school cleaning Berlin for the health of children

Nursery school cleaningIn order to eliminate the risk of diseases, especially of infectious diseases, in day-care centers, we keep to the hygienic standards of Herdegen glass and building cleaning. Only through a regular and thorough maintenance cleaning can be guaranteed that these standards are respected. To ensure that the children can romp carefree, kite cleaning requires the utmost attention.

Maintenance cleaning and your central role!

A thorough and regular cleaning of frequently used surfaces and objects is an essential requirement for a good hygiene status. A particularly important role is played by the cleaning of sanitary facilities. In order to prevent the transmission of bacteria and diseases in children and educators, the disinfection of all surfaces and objects in the sanitary areas has top priority for us. For daily maintenance cleaning of textile floor coverings, we use vacuum cleaners that have a HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance Filter). This filter ensures that less dust gets into the air while sucking.

Glass cleaning and basic cleaning is recommended twice a year

Twice a year a thorough cleaning is recommended. Here, windows, blinds, curtains, radiators, doors, lamps, carpets, gymnastic equipment, piping, cladding and shelves are subjected to intensive cleaning. Non-textile floor coverings are cleaned by us damp and disinfecting. Carpets are cleaned through the very thorough shampooing and spray extraction process into the fibers.

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Nursery school cleaning Nursery school cleaning


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